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The new ERA Chair for isotope techniques in food quality, safety and traceability, established in Summer 2014, in Slovenia.
ISO-FOOD will enable the fusion of multidisciplinary knowledge and ideas for target-oriented research on three Pillar themes (Food authenticity, Food traceability and Food Safety) and two Horizontal themes (Metrological support and Knowledge repository).

Check the latest news about the upcoming Stakeholder workshop!

Our mission Focus areas



examines the labeling, ingredients, additives and methods of processing or processing, geographical origin ...


refers to the control of the source area and origin, the manner of cultivation and processing and the detection of the marketplace.


means much more than just relevance to legislation: requires that food is safe and healthy.

Metrological support

Food analysis due to the complexity presents a major challenge for analytical chemistry. This is especially true for the determination of elements and substances present in low concentrations, e.g. traces of organic pollutants, some ionic types of individual elements, radionuclides or nanoparticles. Often there are completely new methods and procedures, which are non-standardized procedures, as well as suitable certified reference materials are not available.

Knowledge repository

One of the fundamental work assemblies of ISO-FOOD is the development and updating of a food databases that will be equipped with tools for processing and managing data and information.

Stakeholders Events

Isotope Techniques in ecological, food, and environmental research

In 2019 we organize stakeholder events in relation to stable isotope techniques in food studies entitled “Isotope Techni[...]

The secret of truffles

The stakeholder event “The secret of truffles” was organized in Marezige in Slovenia on October 25th, 2018 . The main ob[...]

Schools and Courses

ISO-FOOD Spring School and Exploratory Workshop on »Nanoparticles and Food«

Ljubljana, 9 – 13 April 2018 The Spring School and Workshop are dedicated to various perspectives of nanoparticles in f[...]

ISO-FOOD summer school on trace element speciation in food

25-27 September 2017 The Summer School included theory and two days of hands-on experience in the laboratory. Understan[...]

Intercomparison Exercises

Intercomparison Exercises

Two ring tests with up to 10 participating European laboratories will be organised.The goal of such exercises is to prov[...]

Exploratory Workshops

ISO-FOOD Exploratory Workshop on isotopic techniques in food characterization, December 8-9, 2016

The ISO-FOOD Exploratory workshop on “Isotopic techniques in food characterization” was dedicated to the exploration of [...]

Exploratory Workshops

Four exploratory workshops will be organised with key note speakers and invited lecturers, covering the main scientific [...]


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What is ISO-FOOD? 23. December 2015

The new ERA Chair for isotope techniques in food quality, safety and traceability, established in Summer 2014, in Slovenia.