Exploratory workshop: Isotopic techniques in food characterisation

From 7th to 9th December 2016, we will organize the ISO-FOOD Exploratory workshop – Isotopic Techniques in food characterisation at the Jožef Stefan Institute, Reactor center, Ljubljana, Slovenia. No participation fee is required. Travel and subsistence costs are not covered.

Registration opens on 30th September and closes on 9th November 2016!

For further information contact us at erachair@isofood.eu.

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The exploratory workshop is dedicated to the exploration of new directions and emerging topics in the field of isotope ratio mass spectrometry (IRMS) and its application to food science. The aim is to bring together experts from various backgrounds including public research institutes, universities, and the private sector, but all devoted to the study of isotopic techniques for the or igin and authenticity characterization of food. The workshop is organized as a series of plenary lectures, oral and poster communications designed to create a platform for sharing of knowledge, experiences, good practices and cooperation among experts and aims to define the state-of-the-art in instrumentation, methodologies and applications in isotope ratio mass spectrometry in this field.


  •  Traceability and the use of reference materials
  •  Food traceability, authentication
  •  Flavours & fragrances
  •  Non-traditional isotopes in food science
  •  Advances in stable isotope analyses
  •  Statistical evaluation and modelling

Invited speakers

  • Markus Boner – Agroisolab GmbH, Julich, Germany
  • Federica Camin – Fondazione Edmund Mach, san Michele all’Adige, Italy
  • Lesley Chesson – IsoForensics Inc., Salt Lake City, USA
  • Pietro Franceschi – Fondazione Edmund Mach, san Michele all’Adige, Italy
  • Michele Lees – EUROFINS, France
  • Mateja Modic – Žito d.d., Ljubljana, Slovenia

Participants profile

The exploratory workshop is designed for researchers (master, doctoral and postdoctoral level) and other scientists/experts interested in the use of stable isotopes in environmental and food studies. The workshop will be held in English.


From7th to 9th December 2016, another event will also be organized at Jožef Stefan Institute  – MASSTWIN Group training: Metrology in measurements of stable isotopes of light elements: traceability, uncertainty and comparability. You can find more information about group training HERE.


Please register via the registration form. For further information contact us at erachair@isofood.eu

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