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The overall objective of the project is to unlock the capacities of the Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI) to establish a research and education centre, which will be fully integrated into the ERA, with critical mass of knowledge and capacities to establish the regional leadership in complex proactive food research, responding to the needs of the society through innovation and development of new solutions in the field of analytical techniques in the fields of food characterisation, food safety and food traceability.

This will be achieved through merging multidisciplinary capacities in the fields of

  • inorganic and organic analytical chemistry,
  • isotope chemistry and radiochemistry,
  • physics,
  • material sciences,
  • life sciences and
  • computer sciences,
  • in collaboration with Centres of Excellence hosted by the JSI and
  • with Partner organisations leading in their respective areas of scientific research and technological development.

The primary objective of the Chair will be pursuing scientific research at the cutting edge of respective disciplines in all pillar themes. Scientific excellence will be the basis for widening collaboration within ERA and in particular outreach to stakeholders at national and international level.

The added value of the project lays in the unique combination of expertise, which will be boosted through multidisciplinary collaboration of research groups with different backgrounds from four Institute Departments and Centers of Excellence in international project consortia, harvesting existing synergies between research and cohesion funding.

Jožef Stefan Institute

JSI is the leading Slovenian scientific research institute, covering a broad spectrum of basic and applied research. The staff of more than 930 specializes in natural sciences, life sciences and engineering. The research subjects concern production and control technologies, communication and computer technologies, knowledge technologies, biotechnologies, new materials, environmental technologies, nanotechnologies, and nuclear engineering. Expertise covered by participating departments is described below. JSI is closely connected with the Slovenian universities, where many scientists who initially developed their research talents at the JSI have been appointed to teaching posts, while still retaining their research positions or research teams at the Institute. JSI is also a founder of the first postgraduate school Nova Gorica Polytechnic (today University of Nova Gorica), the Jožef Stefan International Postgraduate School (JSIPS) and of the Institute for Ecological Research (ERICo Velenje). As a co-founder of the University of Nova Gorica and the Jožef Stefan International Postgraduate School the JSI is also very involved with the university education.

Jožef Stefan International Postgraduate School

JSIPS was established in 2004 as an independent higher education institution, with JSI as one of the founders. Its study programmes were approved by the Slovenian National Council for Higher Education. It is strongly supported by industry and an international network of cooperating universities and research institutes from European Union, the USA, Japan, and a number of other countries. JSI provides the school’s central research-educational basis.