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Food authenticy

Determining the authenticity of foods means to detect (1) mislabelled food, (2) substitution of original ingredients by cheaper ones, (3) not declared additives (adulterants) and processing practices, and (4) incorrect geographic and species origin, and method of production. To control the authenticity and detect frauds, development and application of advanced analytical tools and infrastructure is essential. ISO-FOOD will develop and optimize methods for elemental (major, minor and trace elements) and isotope (light isotopes – H, C, N, O, S – and heavy isotope – Sr, Pb, natural and man-made radionuclides) fingerprinting, analysis of molecular markers, supplementary and combined techniques supporting food traceability (sugar, phenolic, fatty acid, molecular profiling) using complex chemometric methods, nuclear analytical techniques (activation analysis), multicollector-ICP-mass spectrometry, neutron activation analysis, thermal ionisation-MS, isotope ratio mass spectrometry, atomic absorption and atomic emission spectrometry, etc.