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Food safety

The food quality goes beyond the compliance with the national and international regulations: it requires that the food is safe and beneficial to human health. Related to the food production practices, storage and processing technologies, food can contain intentionally or unintentionally added substances and particles which derive from the production environment. ISO-FOOD will develop methods to detect and quantify residues and transformation products of a series of organic and inorganic compounds such as pesticides, drugs, fertilizers, contaminants from the air, soil and water, or food additives. This applies also to the substances deriving from agricultural produce and packaging, potentially toxic elements and their species, radionuclides and nano-sized particles.

Recently, EFSA has published an annual report “Chemicals in Food“. This first issue contains an overview of EFSA’s most recent data collection work from 2014-2015: two annual reports  (pesticide residues and veterinary drug residues); as well as two ad-hoc reports published during this period, on arsenic in food and drinking water, and on ethyl carbamate in spirit drinks.