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ISO-FOOD Spring School and Exploratory Workshop on »Nanoparticles and Food«

Ljubljana, 9 – 13 April 2018

The Spring School and Workshop are dedicated to various perspectives of nanoparticles in food: either they may appear in food during production, packaging or cooking, or they are introduced to enrich taste, colour or consistency. As they are very small, they are difficult to detect in food, and require special techniques to characterise and analyse their interaction with cells and possible effect on human health.

The three-day Spring School will provide participants with the basic knowledge connected to these topics, while during the following two-day Workshop participants will get to know about selected techniques for nanoparticle detection and characterisation. Intense discussions and training by internationally renowned scientists in the field are planned. The training will be spiced up with everyday examples.

We invite participants from a broad area connected with food to attend both the Spring School and Workshop, however, attendance of only one or the other is also welcome.

Participation in the two events will be enriched by social events, giving the participants not only the opportunity for informal gathering with researchers from various fields but also to experience Ljubljana city, the boat trip and to taste the Slovenian cuisine.

Participation at the Spring school and workshop is free of charge, however, participants have to cover their own expenses of travel and accommodation.

Venue: Jožef Stefan Institute, Jamova cesta 39, Ljubljana, Slovenia


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