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Jata Emona in the project FrAPI

Students from Jožef Stefan International Posgraduate School and Biotechnical Faculty, University of Ljubljana were involved with Jata Emona in the project: FrAPI: Funcional suplements in food and feed: Antioxidation Potencial and the Source that was concluded in July 2019. The main results can be summarized as follows:

  • determination of Antioksidative Potencial (AOP) in various samples: in onion samples, dietary supplements made from algae (different species), in fresh laboratory-grown algae (chlorella), tannins and hydrolysates of egg membranes;
  • development of a rapid method for AOP (microtiter plates);
  • chlorella and its use for cleaning wastewater;
  • characterization of algae dietary supplements on the Slovenian market;
  • development of new products from eggshell residues: creams, dietary supplements for pets.

The project was financially supported by Slovenian and EU Social Founds.

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