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ISO-FOOD summer school on trace element speciation in food

25-27 September 2017

The Summer School included theory and two days of hands-on experience in the laboratory. Understanding elemental speciation requires robust analytical methods with well-established methodologies for analysing food. The course addressed this by providing participants with an in-depth knowledge of trace element speciation using examples of essential and non-essential elements including Cr, Zn, Ni, Hg and As to teach and demonstrate the state-of-the art analytical approaches to the problem of trace element speciation. The lectures also covered the topic of nanoparticle residues in food. In total forty-five participants representing academia, industry and governmental and non-governmental organizations attended this free event.

Presentations (in Slovene) are available:

Uvod v poletno šolo

Monitoring elementov v hrani


Speciacija Al v čaju

Speciacija Hg v ribah

Speciacija Ni v čaju in kakavu

Speciacija OTC in PBDE v ribah in školjkah

Speciacija As v hrani

Speciacija Zn v materinem mleku

Nanodelci v hrani






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