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Isotope Techniques in ecological, food, and environmental research

In 2019 we organize stakeholder events in relation to stable isotope techniques in food studies entitled “Isotope Techniques in ecological, food, and environmental research”on 29thand 30thof January 2019 in Ljubljana.The aim of this event was to provide participants with the necessary knowledge how to use stable isotope compound specific in different field of studies and to provide practical information related to sample preparation and interpretation of results.

Program of stakeholder event:


In total seventeen participants attended the event. The participants ranged from doctoral students, researchers & professionals all of whom have an interest to use isotopic techniques in ecological, environmental and food characterization. Participants were given material in the form of lectures and practical exercises provided by lectures. This gave the participants the opportunity to put concepts learned into practice. Participants were also encouraged to bring along their own specific case studies/problems.



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