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Isotope Techniques in ecological, food, and environmental research

In 2019 we organize stakeholder events in relation to stable isotope techniques in food studies entitled “Isotope Techniques in ecological, food, and environmental research”on 29thand 30thof January 2019 in Ljubljana.The aim of this event was to provide participants with the necessary knowledge how to use stable isotope compound specific in different field of studies and to provide practical information related to sample preparation and interpretation of results.

Program of stakeholder event:


In total seventeen participants attended the event. The participants ranged from doctoral students, researchers & professionals all of whom have an interest to use isotopic techniques in ecological, environmental and food characterization. Participants were given material in the form of lectures and practical exercises provided by lectures. This gave the participants the opportunity to put concepts learned into practice. Participants were also encouraged to bring along their own specific case studies/problems.


Food authenticity and traceability

The stakeholder event “Food authenticity and traceability” was organized in conjunction with the project CRP IAEA meeting: “Accessible Technologies for the Verification of Origin of Dairy Products as an Example Control System to Enhance Global Trade and Food Safety”. The event took place on September 7th, 2018 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The main objective of the event was to prepare the basis for establishing a traceability system based on the experience obtained from analysing milk and dairy products. The event was attended by 40 delegates representing government bodies, scientific community, industry and commercial companies.

Program of stakeholder event:



Stakeholder Events

Communication and collaboration with stakeholders is of paramount importance for the ERA Chair sustainability.

ISO-FOOD will involve partners from the industry, science, policy- and decision-makers and civil society in an open dialogue to discuss the challenges of their involvement into the ISO-FOOD’s research and other activities. The goal is to bring together academics, industry, government and civil society to articulate common interests in food research and knowledge and collaborate in solving societal problems. Stakeholders will be invited to participate in shaping the ISO-FOOD research agenda and designing projects which will be relevant for the society, which shall be a contribution to the inclusive governance and decision-making.

The Stakeholder Workshop will be organised in November 2015 at the Jožef Stefan Institute. Representatives of business, academia, governmental organisations and NGOs are invited to present their views on the food quality and traceability issues, and become engaged into a stimulating discussion on the emerging topics of the food research, generating ideas and initiating collaborations. The key conclusions of the workshop will be published through a post-workshop press release.

Contact us onerachair@isofood.eu

The ERA Chair ISO-FOOD Stakeholder Workshop, “Recent Advances in Mass Spectrometry in Food, Environment and Health” was organized on 23th November 2015, in Reactor Centre, Podgorica, Brinje 40, SI-1262 Dol pri Ljubljani. The photos from the workshop are available in the following gallery.